Small smartphone or a bigger device? Why do we have to choose?

Most of the time I only need a small candy bar smartphone that is extemely convenient to carry around and which is fine for calling, occasional e-mail reading and some limited Web browsing. However, sometimes I need to type an answer to an e-mail. But I don’t have to do it very often so I don’t really want to…


I want my [developer’s] life back!

This is my calendar for tomorrow. I don’t know when I am supposed to write code. I want my development time back!Names were removed to protect the guilty 🙂


Where to put design-time stuff in HTML pages or my rant about W3C

My biggest complaint about W3C is that they made HTML standard non-extensible. I am a tool developer and we often need to store design-time settings somewhere. Settings may be per document or per element. Examples: grid size and visibility, snap to grid settings, locked/moveable element, 2D or flow panels, etc. It is not that bad for per-document settings since META…


Why most Web pages are formatted in portrait orientation?

Why most Web pages are formatted in portrait orientation? Last time I checked most PC monitors were 4:3 wide. Browsing gets even worse with new 16:9 displays. Some sites do resize with the browser window, but good chunk of them doesn’t. I guess one might say ‘what if user wants to print it’? I don’t…


Where to buy high-resolution digital music?

I have been looking for a place to buy digital music which will be either uncompressed (lossless compression is fine) or compressed at very hign bit rate (256KBps WMA minimum). Let me know if you know one. I honestly don’t understand why I should be paying 99 cents per track at 128KB when I can…


Why WMA players don’t support titles in Unicode?

I have been looking for a WMA players (both portable and stationary) that are able to display non-English (non-Western European, to be exact) titles. The only portable player that I know of that is able to display Russian is iPod. However, it does not support WMA so my music library is a wild mix of MP3 and…