How to set control to absolute positioning automatically on drag-drop

As many of you have noticed, Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and Visual web Developer Express 2008 Beta 2 did not allow you to drop control on design surface and immediately begin dragging it around using absolute positioning. Instead, you had to invoke Format | Position... to set absolute position before dragging the control. Many of users said that it was rather inconvenient and VS 2005 was able to set position automatically. We did listen and in the RTM there is a new option in Tools | Options | HTML Designer | CSS:

It works the same way it did in VS 2005. When the option is checked, designer automatically adds style="position:absolute" to the control dropped from toolbox. You can then drag control by its white tab and position it where you want it.


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  1. LayZee says:

    Thanks, a great addition to the splendid program 🙂

  2. Michel says:

    This property isn’t there in my VS2008?

    Is there some sort of plug in to get it?

  3. This property was added after Beta 2

  4. Jeet says:

    but i downloaded latest vs 2008, this is still beta 2. how to update to this feature?

  5. There won’t be any new updates until RTM. So you’ll have to wait until the release is available.

  6. bthorne says:

    Please, can you also put multiple select and marquee selection (mouse rubber-band to easily select a block of controls).

    Web pages are not only for style hounds that are presenting slick marketing materials.  Some of us have to migrate designs from paper or other systems…absolute positioning and multiple select are both key to a productive design experience.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  7. Tim says:

    It seems I cant absolute position Labels. Why?

  8. Label is effectively a <span> element, which is flow element. It has to have style="display:block" to become positioned.

  9. Hilbert says:

    It seems that HyperLinks can’t be positioned absolutely… Even for controls it is not as flexible as VS 2005.

    It accounts for the Migration Cost!

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