I like HTC Touch

I blogged back in April that I was going to get HTC S710. I did get one and liked it a lot. However, in July I went on vacation in Hawaii and was careless enough to go swimming with my new phone sitting in my pocket. Well, the phone, of course, died. So when I returned I started looking for replacement. I was close to ordering another S710, but then discovered HTC Touch. Just in case you want to ask why didn't I get iPhone: I don't buy locked phones, I have no interest in switching to AT&T and interoperability with Exchange is very important to me. I need business stuff to work first and multimedia/Web browsing second. So I ordered HTC Touch from mobileplanet.com. HTC Touch is a very neat device. First, it is a real PDA with stylus and Windows Mobile 6 Professional. At the same time it is not as large as typical PDA, it is light and fits well into pockets. TouchFLO is a good thing too. WiFi works well, both at home and at work, syncs with Vista and Exchange flawlessly and Bluetooth stack works beautifully with my car Bluetooth system. So far I am a happy camper.

Comments (3)

  1. jdf2 says:

    Hey there. You are the person I need to talk to!!! I am looking for a new phone and cant decide between the touch and the S710. Having owned them both what can you tell me? Cheers

  2. hibri says:

    I bought this a few weeks ago too. Its a nice phone, but a bit slow when compared to other PDAs, but adequate for a phone of that size. TouchFlo is more of a gimmick, I rarely use it. I end up using the stylus. There should be a version of WM6 with larger buttons for phones like this.

    have fun with it 🙂

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