Spell checker for HTML and ASP.NET: multilanguage edition

I finally got around to implementing support for multiple languages in my HTML / ASP.NET spell checker addin. Spell checker now detects lang attribute specified on elements, extracts ISO language and uses it to specify appropriate dictionary for the Office spell checking engine.

In order to be able to spell check multiple languages you may need to install Microsoft Office 2003 Proofing Tools or an appropriate Office 2007 Language Pack. If you never used particular language dictionary in Word, you have to try it before it becomes available in the Spell Checker add-in. Many dictionaries are installed on demand and if particular language was never activated in Word, the disctionary may be still missing. Open Word, type something in the desired language and run Word spell checker at least once to make sure it works and dictionary is installed:

Also fixed the following bugs:

1. Unable to make correction from context menu when there is only one error in the document.

2. Alt attribute is not specified as human-readable text in the rules.xml file

3. Spell checker should ignore all-uppercase strings

Download new version here: Setup.msi

Troubleshooting: see here: http://blogs.msdn.com/mikhailarkhipov/archive/2006/04/18/578529.aspx 

Previous version is still available here.

Comments (8)

  1. I finally finished writing HTML spell checker add-on to Visual Studio. Spell checker works in Source

  2. mike says:

    I’ve installed, but nothing shows up in the Tools menu. What can I do to debug the installation?


  3. Amit says:

    I think it does not work, does not appear in tools menu if you have office2007 installed. I have used it very successfully in my previous pc which has office2003 but in my new pc i have office 2007 and it does not loads.

    Can you pls upgrade it to office 2007?

  4. john barton says:

    I am running Vista with VS2005 and Office 2007 and like others the spell checker was not showing up under tools menu.

    When trying to install vsSpellChecker.dll received error message 0x80070005.

    The solution is to run the command prompt with elevated permisions, Command Prompt, Right click and Run as administrator, then follow the steps above.  

    Hope the following helps anyone else in this situation.

  5. fateme Mahmoodi says:


    I need help.

    I want to use spell checker  for windows from text. I want to create adictionary that supports farsi language.(to spell checking in farsi language)

    if it possible by office tool?

    I want to know how office dictioanary create and work?

  6. mahmoodi says:


    I want to Customizing Spell Checking in Office for windows form textboxes and richTextBoxes.

    by Internet search I know how can we  Customizing Spell Checking in Office for windows form textboxes and richTextBoxes for english and some other language , create custom dictionary in these languages. just this.

    I want to create a dictionary of spelling that support farsi languages.

    or understand how office spelling dictionary created and works?

  7. Bug fixes: <param>Text</param> was not handled correctly. Comments in <% %> blocks

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