New O’Reilly book with articles on CSS Properties window, HTML spell checker and WAP add-ons

O’Reilly recently published a book called Windows Developer Power Tools which contains tons of useful information about free tools you can use to work more efficiently, improve your Visual Studio experience and fill the gaps. I am glad to see that it included articles on popular add-ons to the Visual Studio Web development tools
CSS Properties Window add-on:

ASP.NET/HTML Spell Checker add-on:

Web Application Projects add-on:

as well as a great set of articles on Web debugging tools.

Complete Table of Contents:

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  1. nitro001 says:

    Hello, I just found this add-in and tried to comment on the post itself, but the comments are closed.  I am not sure if this is because I have the all files option selected in solution explorer, but running the macro you defined for scanning all files does not scan any files.

    If I change the ProcessProjectItemCollection function to:

    For Each pi As ProjectItem In projItemsCollection

               ‘If pi.ProjectItems Is Nothing Then

               If pi.Kind = Constants.vsProjectItemKindPhysicalFile And _            

               (pi.Name.EndsWith("aspx") Or pi.Name.EndsWith("ascx") Or _

               pi.Name.EndsWith("html") Or pi.Name.EndsWith("htm")) Then

                   Dim window As Window = pi.Open(Constants.vsViewKindTextView)

                   window.Visible = True


                   _outputWindow.OutputString(pi.Name + vbCrLf)


                   ‘End If



               End If


       End Sub

    Commenting out 2 lines to check if is nothing, then it works just fine on the project and scans all the aspx, ascx and html files fine.

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