– highly recommended is a pretty cool music service and price is attractive too. You can have if free with ads or ad-free for $36 a year. That's one latte a month and four times chaper than satellite radio. And all it needs is a browser, so it is always with you as long as you are online.

Now playing station seeded by Tangerine Dream...

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  1. Pyrcast says:

    This is not spam 🙂  I just wanted to mention a new service for fans of the music service.  Pyrcast Online now allows users the ability to record their favorite personalized stations for when they are on the go.  Users can create pyrcasts (Pyrrha Podcasts) for when they do not have access to a web browser or internet connection and want to enjoy their beloved  Check out the user interface it is sleek, simple and unique!  At least in our opinion.


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