Hunting for exotic languages on the Web, part II

A while ago, when I was typing ISO 639 language table for Whidbey intellisense on the lang attribute, I found that the list of languages included a lot of interesting ones, like, for example, Klingon. I did find quite some amount of pages written in Kilngon, but none of them actually specified lang="tlh". One page specifies <language="tlh">, but it does not seem to be correct HTML as it looks like nameless element with language attribute.

Now there is at least one page on Wikipedia that specifies xml:lang="tlh".

Beyond that, I found that Klingon codepage is 1554 and here is an interesting post on how to make Klingon culture for .NET Framework. Mozilla added support for TLH about a year ago. And here is Klingon UI for Google.

Web is so much fun 🙂

Comments (3)

  1. Find any in Volopuk? I was amused to see that had made it into the DVD languages spec along with Esperanto

  2. Volapuk has been a standard language for quite some time, its code is two-letter ("vo"), which means it has been part of the ISO spec since the very beginning. I guess DVD standard just took everything which was in ISO spec.

  3. Actually, Wikipedia is available in Volapuk, see here and the page does specify xml:lang="vo".

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