Signing VWD Express box

    Today we signed Visual Web Developer Express box. This large box will sit in our building lobby from now on. There is, of course, full Visual Studio box as well, sitting somewhere in building 41 🙂 I was the first to sign the box at 9:15am today.

Later I managed to photograph some other team member who were signing the box during the official VS 2005 launch event. I did not managed to take picture of everyone, in fact, this is just a small subset of people who worked on the Visual Web Developer.

Todd, who brought you intellisense, validation and refactoring features

Brad, lead of the Web project team

Bill, Web project developer

Wendy, Web Publishing and Web Data features

Baiju, worked on Web Migration and Web Data

David, ASP.NET Runtime architect

Li, Web controls editing, Master page editing, localization features

Tim, Web controls editing, event binding, refactoring

Mohan, Web controls editing, chrome

Van, performance tzar

Angela, UI designer

Jon, Test lead

Alex, QA

Scott, QA

Yugang, QA

Comments (2)

  1. Nicholas says:

    You guys and gals are all totally awesome. Thank you thank you for making a wonderful product 🙂

  2. The CSS Properties Window is something that I designed and implemented a lot of before I left the team…

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