Using Acrylic together with Visual Web Developer

When you install Acrylic along with VWD Beta 2 and add Acrylic xpr
file to the Web site, you will see that VWD, in fact, knows about
Acrylic and displays correspondent icon:

You probably won't be using original XPR file and instead will be
using exported raster image, such as PNG or JPEG. However, you may want
to track the original XPR file in case you need to update it and
regenerate rasterized images. In order do establish link between
file types, create and run asmall registry script:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




It will add association between XPR and PNG file to the VWD project
system. When you are done, restart VWD and you should see the
following in the Solution Explorer:

Now XPR file is associated with the PNG file as CS/VB files are
associated with their correspondent Web Form files. You will lose the
Acrylic icon though since linked files share the same icon.

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  1. This trips people up again & again and I tend to have to look it up. So I’m linking to the solution…

  2. Kevin Dente says:

    Interesting trick. The registry key that you mention seems specific to web projects. Does the same technique apply to other project types, like C# projects?

  3. It is specific to VWD.

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