Source code preservation in HTML editor

Here is patent that we filed on the method, which we invented in order to solve that old known problem.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The solution described in the patent seems like a fairly obvious solution. Why does – and should this – need to be patented?

    Other than that, I’m glad source code preservation is finally addressed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is totally obvious. If someone says "gee, I hate how the designer rewrites my HTML" it is not really rocket science to come to the answer: "I know – how about NOT having it re-write the HTML!"

    I’m sure there is much clever coding to acheive source code preservation, but remember patents are [supposed to be] awarded for novelty and inventiveness.

    I think there are also likely to be issues with prior art.

  3. We did study prior art when looking for solutions, and did find related methods, but none was close enough. Patent attorney usually looks over the application and decides if it is patentable.

    Since preservation of code formatting is a quite common problem in all editors which are based on browser rendering engines (MSHTML is not an exception here), I believe that applying for the patent is important in this case. Remember, if you don’t file the application, somebody else may do it.

    If we don’t get the patent, then most probably no one will be able to claim the invention either, which OK too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the reason there is no similar patent is because it is an obvious solution and there are many examples of prior art. Although this is for the patent office to decide of course.

    I think this is very important because, from reading the patent description of the "invention", this could impact on a number of other situations.

    All the patent would acheive is to prevent anyone else from solving the same problem that VS.NET has had.

  5. Agree. Basically, patenting prevents someone from gaining advantage over you. If no one receives the patent, fine. But it is much worse when someone is granted the patent and you are not. If we get the patent, it gives us competitive advantage, which is fine in my book, since I work for the company and I do want it to stay competitive. After all, I freely choose to work for Microsoft almost 8 hears ago and so far I am inclined to continue working here 🙂

  6. The saga continues, the plot thickens and another idea is plucked from the air and sealed in the Patents office. Good or Bad, a method of ‘Preservation of source code formatting’ has been patented, which was brought to my attention…

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