Opinions on “.NET Concurrency Design Patterns” book by William Stamatakis?

I have been looking for a good book on design patterns in multithreaded programming and came across ".NET Concurrency Design Patterns: Programming in C#". No user feedback on Amazon so far. Did anyone read it? Any recommendations for other books in this field?

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  1. This book does not exist (nor will from the author) according to my sources at AW (Addison Wesley). I was considering taking this project on myself as I was also very interested in it and have been doing quite a bit of research myself in comparing .NET concurrency patterns with Java concurrency patterns.

  2. It is sad. Next question is: what is a good book on Java concurrentcy patterns?

  3. That one is easy, as there a few very good ones:

    1. Concurrent Programming in Java, 2nd Ed., Doug Lea

    2. Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Java, Andy Wellings

    3. Concurrency: State Models and Java Programs, Jeff Magee and Jeff Kramer

    and one of the classics (C++, Java, C in this case):

    4. Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Vol 2.: Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects, Doug Schmidt, et. al.

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