NOAA Weather Report Control is working again

Thanks to Matt Otto who figured out that I need to update WSDL file to the one available at I posted updated archive here. Now I can see Redmond weather forecast for the upcoming week. Guess how does it look like? You betcha...

Updated version:

Comments (6)

  1. Ted K. says:

    Okay, I am a total idiot, but I cannot seem to get the new files for the multiday forecaster compiled into a new DLL for my web app.  Has any built a new weatherinfo.dll file that someone could post?  It would be GREATLY appreciated for compiler cripples like myself 🙂  



  2. I am planning to get around to the control and see if NOAA repaired their problems with the .NET 2.0 Web Services.

  3. Ted K. says:

    Thanks Mikhail! I wanted to also say, that your weather control is FANTASTIC!  We’ll all wait very patiently to see the next version!


  4. NOAA has been changing its weather forecast Web service and my Weather Report control has been broken…

  5. Several people complained that Weather Report control which fetches data off the NOAA Web service recently…

  6. Display Local Weather Forecasts with the NOAA’s Web Service

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