Another ASP.NET Weather control

Apparently, provides free XML data feed. However, you have to register. If you don't mind, Milan Negovan developed an ASP.NET control that works with the feed. I am not sure if feed provides forecast data though.


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  1. EJSE has a free 9-Day weather forecast webservice. It’s trivial to wrap this in a web control…

  2. does provide a forecast in its XML feed. It’s all about how you format your request. Right now my control requests only current conditions.

    As to other, alternative weather web services—my biggest concern is how committed they are to stick around. If their service flips you’ll have to write a new control (or adjust the current) one for another provider. has been around for a while and is quite dependable.

    My only problem with is that their IT staff is awfully unresponsive. You send them an email and never hear back. It’s a shame.

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