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Some time ago I published a Web user control that employed NOAA Web Service and displayed weather forecast. Since then I received a few emails from those folks who downloaded the control with complaints that it stopped working. The reason was always the same: timeout when calling NOAA server. Increasing timeout period didn't help. Apparently we are not alone and the problem does not seem to be control-specific. NOAA sample pages still work, but they use postback from a browser, not RPC calls to a Web service from code.

I also made a small C# Windows Application in VS 2003 that called NOAA Web Service. It ended up with timeout as well. So the issue does not seem to be related to ASP.NET or Framework 2.0.

I recenlty sent an email to NOAA Web master asking for help. I'll keep you posted.

Updated version:

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  1. Hayden says:

    I apologize for not remembering more detail, but I did run into a similiar problem sometime back. Something to do with the server date/time differential from the client. Max 5 minutes maybe? Good luck.

  2. David Smith says:

    Sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing what happened.

  3. Michael says:

    I had the exact same problem and couldn’t figure it out. I spoke to the guy from NOAA, but he wasn’t sure what the problem was, and I eventually just gave up. I’m glad to know at least I’m not going crazy. NOAA must have changed something on their server a while back.

  4. from Crimea says:

    During work of this service discovered failures in work with the co-ordinates of 34°00’E — 46°00’N But service pleased

  5. I don’t think NOAA works with coordinates outside the US and its vicinity.

  6. Matt Otto says:

    Try using the WSDL located at:

    After changing to this WSDL from my timeout issues seem to have gone away.


  7. Tatyana says:

    I am using this service from my ASP.NET app for couple of days and keep getting error:

    The underlying connection was closed: The server committed an HTTP protocol violation.

    I don’t know, this may be my or their problem.

    P.S. I increased the timeout in 5 times.

  8. brent says:

    If you’re getting: underlying connection was closed: The server committed an HTTP protocol violation, it’s because noaa is having issues with .net 1.1:

    Some are reporting asp 2.0 beta 3 works ok.


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