Microsoft gives you a lot of career opportunities

You can change your career all the interesting ways here at Microsoft. Keith Smith, our (Visual Web Developer) former test manager is now in marketing along with Brian. How cool is that?


Eight years at Microsoft

On 22nd of December 1997 I attended new hire orientation and then walked into the building 4, looking for my manager in the Visual Interdev HTML editor team. As it was close to holidays  I didn’t find many people there :-), but fortunately, my lead was still around, albeit leaving for the holiday break as well. Hence, I…


Hunting for exotic languages on the Web, part II

A while ago, when I was typing ISO 639 language table for Whidbey intellisense on the lang attribute, I found that the list of languages included a lot of interesting ones, like, for example, Klingon. I did find quite some amount of pages written in Kilngon, but none of them actually specified lang=”tlh”. One page…


CSS Properties window, with screenshots

Where is the command to show the CSS Properties window? Look in the View menu:   I usually dock CSS Properties window with the Solution Explorer so I can see both Properties and CSS Properties windows. With the CSS Properties window you can inspect how cascading styles are applied to the selected element from inline styles,…


Check out our new CSS Properties window add-on to VS 2005!

The CSS Properties window is an add-in package to Visual Studio 2005. It does not change the behavior of any feature in Visual Studio 2005; it simply adds additional functionality specific to editing CSS in Design view. Using the CSS Properties window, you can do the following: Display in-line styles and styles inherited from <style>…


Visual Web Developer team is hiring!

Are you interested in working for Microsoft on the Web development tools? We are hiring! Our team is a great place to work, we have very low turnaround. For example, I have been with the Web Tools since I joined Microsoft in 1997. Most team members have been with the team for 5 years or…


Web deployment projects are live

Have a look at our new add-on to Whidbey: Web Deployment projects. From the overview: A Web Deployment Project creates and maintains an MSBuild project file, and is associated in a solution with a Web site project. A Web Deployment Project enables you to manage not only build configuration and merge options, but other tasks…


What’s the deal with "</script>" when generating client script from ASP.NET?

Why I can’t use “</script>” in my C# code when constructing client script blocks? Why do I have to split “</script>” string into two chunks like string myScript = “<script language=’javascript’> + “</” + “script>”; Like recommended, for example, here or here? (See also this bug). Why this snippet: <script runat=”server”> string buildScript(){   return “<script language=’javascript’></script>”;} </script> was fine…


Signing VWD Express box

    Today we signed Visual Web Developer Express box. This large box will sit in our building lobby from now on. There is, of course, full Visual Studio box as well, sitting somewhere in building 41 🙂 I was the first to sign the box at 9:15am today. Later I managed to photograph some other…