Got a new car

It is Toyota Prius.

It is pretty big change for me since I have been driving fast cars for many years. However, most of the time I am now driving in peak traffic taking daughter to and from kindergarden. It has been three weeks and so far I have been enjoying the car, it is indeed a geek toy :-). I wish it had better seats, but otherwise it is great. No rush, I am listening to music, watching cool little energy monitor and enjoying the ride. 48 mpg does not hurt either.

A few states started to give hybrids extra perks, such as right to use HOV lane (CA and NY) with a single driver in the car or free municipal parking in LA and San Jose.

If you are interesting in hybrids, check out Prius Online community, Prius Chat forums and hacks from Coastal Tech.

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  1. William Luu says:

    Awesome Mikhail to see someone going for the hybrid cars.

    I’ve only seen one or two of them on the road in the past month or two. I hope to see more people with either the Prius or another hybrid type vehicle.

    But it’ll take time for the change to set in since most people generally prefer to keep their car as long as it is still working (5-10 years and beyond in most cases).

  2. Congrats on the new ride! I’ve been looking at it myself, but decided to wait for the next generation.

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