First Beta 1 feedback received

We are really happy we are now getting feedback directly from users . Today we reviewed first 10 suggestions and bugs filed by customers on MSDN Feedback site against Visual Web Developer. Out of 10 three were filed as bugs and seven as suggestions. Out of three bugs one was the actual bug (which was already fixed) and two turned out to be suggestions. One was about C# code intellisense so I sent it to C# team.

I don't know how many suggestions will make it into the product, but please keep posting since the more people as for a feature the more probable it will be added. So we hope to see more feedback soon.

Comments (2)

  1. Tom Frey says:

    Well, I tried to submit 2 bugs already, however I couldn’t submit them as I always got Error 500, please try again later

  2. Bhupen says:

    I tried posting a suggestion, but it always takes me to Member Profile Centre page. And it stays there even after clicking Continue or Cancel. Why is it so?

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