What should we improve in HTML editor performance?

We are considering various performance improvements for VS 2005 Beta 2. We will be maintaining our Beta 1 performance results. Beta 1scenarios include cold and warm application start with aspx file load, F5 (debugging start) and a few others. In case you are curious we are using PIII 600MHz machine with 128MB or RAM and 7200rpm disk running Windows 2000. The only exception is F5 scenario which requires 256MB or RAM.

For Beta 2 we want to improve a few other things. So let us know what do you think is most important for you. Code compilation? View switching speed? Intellisense? Markup validation? Document outline building? Tag navigator updates? Property grid performance?

Thanks in advance

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  1. From a performance perspective I think Intellisense and updating the property grid need to happen pretty quickly. When switching views a delay would be expected so I think the performance of this is less critical.

    Things like markup validation and document outline updates it would be nice if you could turn off automatic updates and have them refresh on demand, this way cycles aren’t being spent on things that you might only use intermittently.

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