How many terminal server sessions is enough?

Today I found myself switching contexts between 3 (three) terminal sessions plus my main desktop. I was doing VS Whidbey work on the main desktop, VS Whidbey checkin machine was running checkin tests in one TS session, I had some experimental code compiling in another TS session and I was performing setup of a new machine in the third TS session. At least I tend to set different desktop colors on different machines, otherwise I would be completely lost :-).  

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  1. I tend to do the same thing, at any one time I’ll have between 1 and 5 TS sessions open… I tend to color code my command windows as I always have at least one open and it becomes a useful way to orient myself.

  2. Kevin Harder says:

    I also routinely work with many TS sessions active at once, when doing builds and deploying to my companies various servers. I’ve found that using XP’s "Remote Desktops" MMC snap-in (called Terminal services connections in Win2k) really helps me keep sane and not get them mixed up, as you can see which machine you on just by glancing at the left pane. Highly recomended to anyone who works with more than one or two TS sessions at once. The XP version is included in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Admin Pack here:

    <a href=""></a&gt;. (ignore the name, it runs on WinXP and works with Windows2000 and 2003 servers).

  3. Scott Allen says:

    I’ve noticed if I have a Virtual PC running in a terminal service window the interactive response isn’t too great. So I’ve taken to installing terminal services on the VPC itself. Now I use the TS client to login directly to the VPC running on a remote machine. For some reason this makes me feel giddy and I felt I needed to share.

  4. 2 QA servers + 2 production servers – we get 5 together with my main desktop. And there is a build server also. 🙂

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