Here is the display I want!

There are couple of 22“ LCD displays available with stunning 3480x2400 resolution from IBM and Viewsonic. Apparently video cards are barely catching up, ATI requires two DVI cables to feed the beast and it seems like it has to render four 1920x1200 tiles. I had seen information about IBM prototype unit about a year ago. At the time projected retail price was $22K. However, apparently technology progress was significant since then and now both units retail for around $6-7K. I am wondering if in another year or two they will come down to $2K. My current work setup is dual 1280x1024 monitors which equals to slightly more that 1/4 of this screen real estate.

On the other hand, I am wondering how much exactly will I be able to see on those Web pages formatted with fixed 8pt fonts. Game playing at 1600x1200 will be covering less than 1/4 of the screen area. That's going to be like like playing on 10“ diagonal screen...




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  1. Yes, this is the new status item at Microsoft.

    Bill Hill and Kam Vedbrat have these. They are, indeed, stunning. Reading on them is like reading a book.

  2. Sean says:

    Wow.. That’s a definate drool item — Coupled with a high megapixel digicam (8.35+) I bet the result would be incredible..

  3. Anonymous says:

    A single DVI cable doesn’t have enough bandwidth to drive a display of that size at any usable rate. And pt != px.

  4. In fact, I am wondering why there are no smaller display with the same dpi value. Such as 12" 2100×1300. I would be happy reading books on a notebook with such resolution. Compaq X1000 with 15.4" 1920×1200 ( is close but not quite. New Panasonic Y2 ( with 14.1" 1600×1200 is even closer.

  5. Addy Santo says:

    I have the Dell 20.1" at 1600×1200 and it rocks. In addition I have two additional 19" @1280×1024, one on each side of the Dell. A real sweet setup for a fraction of what the 22" would cost.

  6. Anonymous says:

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