Is it possible to add support for XHTML to VS 2003?

A few people asked me if Whidbey validation and intellisense schemas are compatible with VS 2003. Well, yes and no. You do can place Whidbey XHTML schemas (along with referenced W3C DOM type libraries for the client script intellisense) in VS 2003\Common7\Packages\Schemas\HTML and VS 2003 will recognize them. However, VS 2003 validation engine does not support many important XHTML validation features such as validation of missing or malformed closing tags, minOccurs/maxOccurs, validation of required attributes, uppercase/lowercase issues and few others. So caveat emptor and don't call tech support , please 🙂  Design view of VS 2003 is not XHTML-compliant, so don't use for XHTML it since it will turn your <br /> into <br>.

Whidbey should be XHTML-compliant and if it is not or we are missing something important, please let us know either here or in VS Whidbey Bug Reports Forum.

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  1. Mike says:

    I ran across an interesting problem recently that I would like to know if it is fixed in Whidbey. I work with really large C++ files (> 1MB) and Intellisense frequently flakes out and causes the entire line I’m working with in the IDE to switch to what looks like Japanese characters with all sorts of interesting colors. Is this problem fixed in Whidbey?

    Also, I’ve read that the devenv environment crashing can cause Intellisense to go nuts and do things like this because of "Intellisense database corruption". How do I go about "uncorrupting" the corrupted Intellisense database?

  2. Mike says:

    The problem seems to have gone away for the moment. The legacy code I was working with had a ton of macros that I was working on removing. Including some macros in the function names that no longer exist anywhere in the code. Maybe the macro preprocessor of Intellisense goes haywire when a macro doesn’t exist and is used as part of a function name and/or parameter definitions. I think moving the mouse over the current line to use Intellisense during this "haywire" stage causes the IDE to go haywire trying to display the tooltip.

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