How to fix HTML Accessiblity checker in Whidbey May 2004 Preview

We have recently found that HTML Accessibilty checker may be broken in Whidbey May 2004 Preview. Create new HTML page or a Web form. Click Tools | Check Accessibility and click OK. If all you see in the Output window is “Checking accessibility...“ then setup is broken. Here is how to fix it: locate htmlchkr.dll and fpsrvutl.dll - they should be somewhere under Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and move both of them to Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005\Common7\Packages. Both DLLs should be in the same location as htmled.dll. If this does not fix the issue, please let me know.

Comments (5)

  1. It’s under Website not Tools.

    It seems working well but it gave me 8 errors and 16 warnings on just Default.aspx that VS generates by default.


    1) why <div></div> is put inside form tags by default

    2) why "form1" is the default id for the form,

    and not the page name e.g "Default"

  2. Actually, it is in Tools for HTML pages outside project (i.e. File | New | HTML Page). If you have Web site opne, then yes, it is in Website menu.

    1. <div> is required by XHTML so you can type text. <form> does not allow mixed content anymore, only elements.

    2. I don’t know. Would it be more convenient to id it by page? What does it make more convenient?

  3. 1. I understand, I just use <table></table> in most cases immediately inside form.

    2. IMHO this is more convinient since you can have only one server side form, so it can not be form2. Another point is it makes HTML code a bit more readable.

    One more question: class is named Default_aspx,

    without namespace out there (e.g. website name)

    as it was in VS2003 ?

  4. I checked it.

    Both files (together with htmled) are under

    Microsoft Visual Studio 8Common7Packages

    so I suppose it is not broken in May build.

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