Why WMA players don’t support titles in Unicode?

I have been looking for a WMA players (both portable and stationary) that are able to display non-English (non-Western European, to be exact) titles. The only portable player that I know of that is able to display Russian is iPod. However, it does not support WMA so my music library is a wild mix of MP3 and WMA files. There are plenty Unicode fonts available so what is so big deal? I was told that upcoming Portable Window Media Center will surely support all languages that Windows CE does, but I honestly don't need video.

So far I ended up assembling my own audio PC based on VIA motherboard with 800MHz chip. I put it in an amplifier case so it does not look like a PC. It has normal rotary volume control. Here is how it looks (display is not shown)



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  1. Your pics aren’t showing up… they are pointing to your own C drive…


  2. Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT) says:


  3. How’s that Zalman heat sink working for you?

    I am surprised you were able to fit into that box.

  4. Jason Nadal says:

    One of the recent firmware upgrades to the creative nomad jukebox was to add russian characters.


    Personally I love this product; I have both the jukebox 3 and the zen xtra.

  5. Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT) says:

    Zalman works OK, but I did have to install small (60mm) slow moving fan to move air through it since the aplifier case doesn’t have vents over the sink so convection cooling does not work very well. You’ll be surprised that what typically overheats in small cases is *hard disk*.

    I recently installed 160GB Barracuda in my desktop machine which is also built as a quiet box, and it was overheating until I installed additional 80mm Papst fan running @7V to blow air around the disk.

  6. Alexei Zakharov says:

    > One of the recent firmware upgrades to the creative nomad jukebox was to add russian characters.

    Well, it’s still not Unicode. It probably supports cyrillic of KOI8-R encoding (or some other). I have the device and have installed that firmware. Still no joy. Nomad explorer won’t copy my russian music to the device. I can transfer them with Windows Media Player though. But titles are still shown as a bunch of question marks.

    I’m thinking of writing a small app to transform cyrillic into translit. Shouldn’t be too hard…

  7. Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT) says:

    I guess I’ll be sticking to my iPod + iTunes then.

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