As you might guess from my name I am Russian (born in Moscow). My education is applied mathematics (specifically numerical methods and spectral analysis). In 1990 or so with a few other folks I co-founded imaging company ( We did pretty cool stuff such as making software that let user edit raster images as they were vector drawings. You click on a raster circle crossed with multiple lines and it becomes *vector*. Raster is removed from the image while intersections are kept intact. I left company in 1997 and moved to USA to join Microsoft. I specifically wanter something completely unrelated to bitmaps, images, pixels or vectors in any form. So I joined Visual InterDev team 🙂

When I have time (and desire), I enjoy photography (see, high-end audio, some home theater stuff, SciFi movies and books (excluding fantasy, original StarTrek and Star Wars - sorry) and working out.

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  1. That is quite possibly the best color scheme I have seen for a website (csoft that is).

  2. Could not stop looking at your photos at Some really nice photos!

  3. It would be interesting to know just how many Russians are there working at Microsoft.

  4. Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT) says:

    My guess is about 500.

  5. Alex Odintsov says:

    That’s good number 😉

    Good luck with your blog. MSDN blogs are the only news sources for me, simple because I dont have time for any other news sites.

  6. :-), a – Visual Interdev?

  7. The .Text engine ate my Cyrillic characters, was just asking whether you still are on the InterDev team.

  8. Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT) says:

    There is no VID as a product anymore, but team is still around and is now part of the Web.NET team which consists of IIS, ASP.NET and VS HTML/ASP.NET Editor. Yes, I own a chunk of the latter.

  9. lethanhhung says:

    Hi ,

    Can I have a blog account on msdn ? I wonder how can I sign up one blog acount ?

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