Just Don’t Do It

I recently had the unenviable task of giving a presentation to the toughest of all audiences, Microsoft developers. These are folks who, during the agenda slide, generally ask questions about why the framework is so slow, big, ugly, etc etc. I typically refer them to read some geeky blog posts and say things like “it’s…


From The Dept of Battlebots Built on .NET

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MEDC 2005

I’m a bit slower on my MEDC blog than my peers. I’m still using my trusty Nikon F3 while my peers have moved on to some newfangled thing called the “digital camera”. I had to wait for a week for the film to come back before I could spend 3 evenings scanning it. For the…


Blogging Because I’m Not Speaking at MEDC

Daniel Moth sent me a note telling me that he would be at MEDC (great news), and that he was looking forward to my “talk”. I want to set expectations here. I’m on a panel. I’m taking my cue from Jonny Moseley on Warren Miller’s Fifty, when he introduces a freestyle event: “This is how…


From the Dept of Information Retrieval on .NET Compact Framework Network Performance

“How fast is the .NET Compact Framework?” I have only recently organized enough thoughts and words to be able to answer this question with something more useful than “it depends”. The .NET Compact Framework, in the vast majority of cases, is fast enough. I know this because I’ve seen lots of complex applications running on…


.NET Compact Framework; Past, Present and Future (Follow Up)

Thanks for the feedback to my request for V3 guidance. A few thoughts: Hosting The idea that you could add managed extensibility to a native application always seemed cool to me. We were actually building hosting into V2. The plan was that the COM interop and marshalling would become the basis for hosting. Unfortunately we…


.NET Compact Framework; Past, Present and Future

After the holiday break things got really busy around here, and again I feel like a human interrupt service routine. I don’t have time to read everything I need to, let alone write. I apologize for dropping off, and thanks for the feedback on my previous blog entries. Here at Microsoft we have a sophisticated…


Reaching Out to ‘C’ Developers (How I Learned to Love Garbage)

Growing up in Canada made me aware of the importance of bilingualism. Indeed, I can speak both ‘C’ and C#, although my native tongue is ‘C’, and C++/COM still seem to me like slightly odd dialects. When I started on the .NET Compact Framework project, I had to get comfortable with the concept of  “object reachability”,…


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Pushing the Envelope

A long time ago, my frustrated artist friends fellow camera store employees would run a “bad camera day”. We would each take one of the cheapest cameras in the store and then have a contest to see who could take the best photos. I recently got a new phone with a built-in camera. While I…