QA Has Signed Off on .NET Compact Framework V2

The .NET Compact Framework Quality Assurance Team signed off on V2 yesterday. We’ve been working on this for a long time and I’m excited to get this thing shipped. Soon. I’d like to share some insight into what we’ve been doing for the last 3 years, and why. The first half of the project cycle…


WPF/e and the .NET Compact Framework

I’d like to share some thoughts on integrating WPF/e, announced at the PDC, and the .NET Compact Framework. WPF/e is a C++, cross platform implementation of a subset of WPF (Avalon). It will be able to execute XAML, in addition to exposing dual mode COM interfaces that make it programmable from COM and script languages….


Ignition System Envy

I’m pretty excited to try out my new toy, the Zintel-O-Tron 6 Channel Combination Model Rocket and Fireworks Ignition System. I built this thing on the weekend from parts I bought at the local Radio Shack. At least I was excited, until Mark Prentice, who works with me on the .NET Compact Framework, basically told…