Reaching Out to ‘C’ Developers (How I Learned to Love Garbage)

Growing up in Canada made me aware of the importance of bilingualism. Indeed, I can speak both ‘C’ and C#, although my native tongue is ‘C’, and C++/COM still seem to me like slightly odd dialects. When I started on the .NET Compact Framework project, I had to get comfortable with the concept of  “object reachability”,…


From the Dept of Way Cool Things Built on .NET

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Pushing the Envelope

A long time ago, my frustrated artist friends fellow camera store employees would run a “bad camera day”. We would each take one of the cheapest cameras in the store and then have a contest to see who could take the best photos. I recently got a new phone with a built-in camera. While I…


.Net Compact Framework Advanced Memory Management

This is a work in progress on a paper that I am writing to help folks understand the internals of Windows CE and the .Net Compact Framework Memory Management. The final paper will be published on MSDN. Introduction One of the things that developers struggle with when moving from C++ to Visual C# or Visual…


Public Speaking

One of my tasks these days is to browse the web conduct research to understand how people are using the .Net Compact Framework so we can evolve the product in useful ways. I was especially happy to stumble on a talk I gave at TechEd 02 that is now part of the reading for a…


Meet Mike

My friend and Microsoft colleague Bruce Johnson has been telling me that I should start a blog. I explained to him that that the hierarchical threaded organization of newsgroups is more structured than searching freeform text, and that blogs were going to blow over anyway. In my defense, I thought that the invention of MX…