Improving SharePoint with SQL Server 2008

You might have noticed that SharePoint SP1 now supports SQL Server 2008 🙂  There is a vast array of new features in SQL Server 2008. While I would love to explore all of them, many are not relevant to the SharePoint admin since we are not allowed to modify the underlying schema….


I’m Speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference

It’s official. I’ll be at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference September 15th – 17th in Washington DC. This will be a great conference. There are a lot of great speakers and sessions and the focus on best practices will cut out all the fluff. If you are an ITPro focused on SharePoint/SQL/Storage design, availability, performance,…


SQL Mirroring Setup Made Easy

In an ongoing effort to simplify mirroring I’ve decided to post the scripts I use to setup mirroring for myself. There are 9 easy steps to execute. The trick with most of these commands is that they output a script that you will need to copy into the query window and execute on the appropriate…


DPM Search Backup White Paper.

The DPM team released a whitepaper detailing how to backup MOSS search. This is another feather in the DPM hat.


More Clarification Needed? Geographic Separation of SharePoint Farm Components.

I continue to hear questions and debate over how to build local or regional immunity into a single SharePoint farm. Enterprising SharePoint folks want to make sure that their SharePoint service remains online even if Dr. Evil fires the “laser” at their primary datacenter. While you probably don’t have to worry about Dr. Evil and…


The Newest Version of the Database Mirroring Whitepaper for SharePoint has been released

Using Database Mirroring with Office SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services  Wow! This one took a while to update. We added more prescriptive information on the type of supported topologies. It also recommends SQL connection aliasing for failover within a farm. We are still debating high performance mirroring (async) internally so you won’t see any…


Mirroring and Bandwidth

I just completed some testing to see how much network bandwidth between SQL nodes affects synchronous mirroring performance. The SQL mirroring white paper indicates that bandwidth does not matter much above 10Mbps, but that may lead you to the wrong conclusion and set you up for a world of hurt. My test consisted of an automated…


SQL Aliasing Pros and Cons

I wanted to write a quick note on the good and bad of using SQL aliasing for redirecting SharePoint between mirrored SQL nodes. Good – It’s a very simple solution. Each application server in the farm simply needs to be configured with the alias information. Ultimately, you can tweak this entry using a single registry change….


Restoring SQL Server. Model DB Restore gotcha

If somebody would have mentioned this, I would have 3 hours back. When recovering SQL server from a situation where you have lost the model database, make sure to remove the data and log files (if any exist) from the original directories before attempting to restore the model database. Else, SQL will shut down on you without…


DPM, SharePoint, and Database Mirroring

Lately I’ve been working on System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 for protecting our SharePoint and SQL servers. If you are not familiar with DPM, DPM is all about protecting your servers by replicating block level differences to a disk based store. This has amazing ramifications on how much data you need to backup, how…