Improving SharePoint with SQL Server 2008

You might have noticed that SharePoint SP1 now supports SQL Server 2008 🙂  There is a vast array of new features in SQL Server 2008. While I would love to explore all of them, many are not relevant to the SharePoint admin since we are not allowed to modify the underlying schema….


I’m Speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference

It’s official. I’ll be at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference September 15th – 17th in Washington DC. This will be a great conference. There are a lot of great speakers and sessions and the focus on best practices will cut out all the fluff. If you are an ITPro focused on SharePoint/SQL/Storage design, availability, performance,…


Web Stress Test White Paper Published

Steve Smith, the MVP extraordinaire from the UK and part owner of Combined Knowledge along with Penny Coventry, MVP extraordinaire from PPP Consulting just released a white paper showing how to configure a load test end to end using VSTS 2008. This is great because long ago I promised to do this on my blog but…