SharePoint = Job Security

Just in case you didn't get the memo SharePoint is the fastest selling server product in the history of Microsoft according to BillG. (doesn't that also make it the fastest selling server product, period?)

In a blog conversation I had with the honorable Cliff Reeves he noted a very interesting site: It's all UK focused, but the data surely reflects a global trend. SharePoint is hot and people who know SharePoint are hotter. A quick search of any of the major US based job sites would tell you SharePoint is high demand and the pay is very good. I'm confident this microcosm of hotness will fair well in a possibly existing or pending economic downturn.

 In my dealings with customers and partners one thing is clear. There's not enough SharePoint people to go around. Especially here at Microsoft. Sometimes warm-bodies are good enough especially if they can mumble share and point together in a sentence. The bottom line, if you are in a unappreciated technical field and looking for a more rewarding career consider SharePoint. If you are looking to ramp up on SharePoint quickly there are some good partner and Microsoft training resources. You can find a list of Microsoft training resources here and you can search for SharePoint and Training and get a pretty good list of partner opportunities. If you are completely new to SharePoint I would highly recommend you get some information worker focused training under your belt before diving into administration or development. This will go a long a way towards ensuring a well-rounded SharePoint skill-set.

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  1. Tomas Palmer says:

    I am looking to use sharepoint to distribute astro software/whitepapers

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