SharePoint and Storage

There is lots of good information on how to optimize storage for SQL, perhaps too much. Some great articles to read for those interested:     Doron Bar-Caspi is working on SharePoint specific document for public consumption, but if you want my cliff notes version- here you go:   Design storage properly before deploying…


Mirroring and Bandwidth

I just completed some testing to see how much network bandwidth between SQL nodes affects synchronous mirroring performance. The SQL mirroring white paper indicates that bandwidth does not matter much above 10Mbps, but that may lead you to the wrong conclusion and set you up for a world of hurt. My test consisted of an automated…


Where do you host the SSP and admin web apps?

SSP web app? Admin web app? By looking at the out-of-the-box options you can easily get confused. While I’m sure some postings already exist on this subject, I’ve gotten two questions about this recently which exceeds my criteria for posting. 🙂 The SharePoint and SSP administration sites do not correspond to any underlying server functionality. They…


MSIT/MMS/BOSD SharePoint blog = SharePoint Goodness!

The MSIT blog is finally up and running. Check here for all the latest news and SharePoint tidbits from MSIT/MMS/BOSD.(I’ll explain what those are in the next post)


Technical Difficulties

Well after a very long week my blog is finally online again with all its content intact.