BDC Performance Over the WAN

Are you centralizing your SharePoint deployment? Do you want to integrate backend data sources located in distant lands with SharePoint using the BDC? Here’s something to think about. BDC does no caching of data sources. So what does that mean? If you are displaying a large number of records from a database in Singapore using…


SQL Aliasing Pros and Cons

I wanted to write a quick note on the good and bad of using SQL aliasing for redirecting SharePoint between mirrored SQL nodes. Good – It’s a very simple solution. Each application server in the farm simply needs to be configured with the alias information. Ultimately, you can tweak this entry using a single registry change….


Restoring SQL Server. Model DB Restore gotcha

If somebody would have mentioned this, I would have 3 hours back. When recovering SQL server from a situation where you have lost the model database, make sure to remove the data and log files (if any exist) from the original directories before attempting to restore the model database. Else, SQL will shut down on you without…


Testers Get Respect!

I saw this post and it got me thinking how difficult it is test anything. Testers deserve lots of respect. Testing is hard work. It requires a scientific mind, serious attention to detail, and extreme patience. While every effort is made to test SharePoint in a holistic fashion, you may find that you are the first person…


DPM, SharePoint, and Database Mirroring

Lately I’ve been working on System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 for protecting our SharePoint and SQL servers. If you are not familiar with DPM, DPM is all about protecting your servers by replicating block level differences to a disk based store. This has amazing ramifications on how much data you need to backup, how…


Hosting Sites and Personal Sites in the Same Web App?

I just noticed that Joel was talking about personal sites configuration and I realized that I never posted about my experience upgrading customers way back in the day. I bet some of you are experiencing this or will be experiencing this in the future so let me save you some trouble. Yes, it’s possible to…


Are we planning for the wrong disasters?

I’ve been building a DR solution to protect against some major disasters. Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear war, global destruction, you know the fun stuff, but maybe I should be planning for more immediate disasters.


AC’s "Best Damn SharePoint Books" List

I’ve been doing some research trying to figure out what SharePoint books I should own and found that my buddy Andrew Connell has done all the work for me. Here’s a repost of his work: Here’s my little list of what I like to call the “Best Damn SharePoint Books” list. Bit of a disclaimer:…


SharePoint by Day, SharePoint by Night @ SharePoint Connections in Vegas!

My buddy Andrew Connell has put together an informal SharePoint chat session. Coral Reef Bar in Mandalay Bay from 6-8p. Talking about intellectual horsepower! 16 of the brightest minds in SharePoint will be there. I wouldn’t miss this for the world and you shouldn’t either. See you there.


Installing a SharePoint DR farm.

I wanted to post a quick overview of how to install a DR farm to protect your main farm by log shipping your content databases to the second farm. The trick with the secondary farm is that the log shipped databases will be attached to the web application from the get-go. This allows you to browse…