Common Database Query Series – Users

I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked “how do I get a list of unique users for my farm” or “who has access to this site”. These requests were so common that I created a tool to dump a list of unique users per farm over the last 30 days (using the OM). It is also possible…


Inside SharePoint – Tales from Microsoft IT

The team and I have decided to start blogging collectively.  No content yet, but this should be treasure trove of information in the future.  


Public internet presence and MOSS?

With the integration of CMS and SharePoint, and the enormous investment made in web content management in general, it’s no doubt that many organizations are starting to put MOSS on the Internet. Ian Morrish is compiling a list of public sites using MOSS. It’s a small list at the moment so please contact Ian to…


File Shares vs. SharePoint

I had a series of interesting conversations over the last few days with a storage server colleague about hosted file shares. He and his team hypothesized that a hosted share service would “cannibalize” our hosted SharePoint offering. Here’s my response to his notion that file shares and SharePoint compete against each other:   “It’s not…