Media Foundation SDK Samples on Code Gallery

We have published all of the Media Foundation samples from the Windows 7 SDK on MSDN Code Gallery. You can find them here: You will still need to download the Windows SDK in order to build the samples.      

Media Foundation: RC Documentation is Live

The Media Foundation SDK documentation has been updated for the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)  Highlights: Updated MFPlay documentation: Source Reader tutorial: New codec and file-format support: Please remember that everything new in the SDK is still pre-release and subject to change. – Mike This posting is provided “AS IS” with…

Windows 7 and new Media Foundation features

Based on a couple of threads in the Media Foundation Development forum, there is some confusion about the status of new Media Foundation features. All of the new features for Media Foundation mentioned here require Windows 7 to run. You can install the Windows 7 SDK on a Windows Vista or XP machine and use…


Introducing the Source Reader

One of the new features in Media Foundation is the Source Reader. Media Foundation, like DirectShow before it, has focused on the end-to-end pipeline. The application passes in a URL and streaming happens on another thread. The application gives commands (play, pause) and gets events (end of stream). While this approach is convenient for playback,…

Introducing MFPlay

MFPlay is a new high-level playback API for Media Foundation. Previously, to play a file in Media Foundation, the application had to: Use the source resolver to create a media source. Enumerate the streams and find the media types (audio or video). Construct a partial topology, connecting the streams to the right renderers. Set the…

Windows 7 SDK

The Windows SDK for Windows 7 is available for download! Updated documentation for Media Foundation is also live on MSDN: You can read about what’s new for Media Foundation here: Please remember that everything new in the SDK is beta and subject to change. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting…


Recent updates to Media Foundation documentation

Recent updates to the Media Foundation documentation:  I added a topic on DXVA 2.0 Video Processing ( We have been expanding the section on the low-level ASF helper objects, particularly the ASF Splitter: See ASF Support in Media Foundation (


Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008

The Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 is now available for download. This release contains several new samples for Media Foundation plus one new DirectShow sample. New Media Foundation samples: ASF Parser EVR Presenter MFPlayer Audio MFT MPEG-1 Source New DirectShow sample: EVR Player These new samples all require Windows Vista or later to run.

Introducing TopoEdit

When Media Foundation was introduced in Windows Vista, it did not have any graphical tool analogous to DirectShow’s GraphEdit. Now there is such a tool, named “TopoEdit.” (Topologies are the Media Foundation equivalent of filter graphs.)  You can see a pre-release version of TopoEdit in RC0 of Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008. To quote from the SDK help:  TopoEdit is a visual tool…