Windows 7 SDK

The Windows SDK for Windows 7 is available for download!

Updated documentation for Media Foundation is also live on MSDN:

You can read about what's new for Media Foundation here:

Please remember that everything new in the SDK is beta and subject to change. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more about the new features.

 - Mike

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  1. Anonymuos says:

    Hello, I wrote some of the the WP article on Media Foundation. ( Foundation) Will the Windows 7 Media Foundation features be available on Vista?

  2. MikeWasson says:

    AFAIK, there is no plan to support the new features downlevel. (The only exception is OPM which is already supported in Vista but was released as a public API.)

    Thanks for your interest! For Win7 the main areas to note are:

    – Highlevel playback API

    – Audio/Video Capture

    – Expanded format support

    – Source reader / sink writer provide a different model for processing A/V data.

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