Introducing TopoEdit

When Media Foundation was introduced in Windows Vista, it did not have any graphical tool analogous to DirectShow's GraphEdit. Now there is such a tool, named "TopoEdit." (Topologies are the Media Foundation equivalent of filter graphs.)  You can see a pre-release version of TopoEdit in RC0 of Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008.

To quote from the SDK help: 

TopoEdit is a visual tool for building and testing topologies. With TopoEdit, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Build a topology by adding various topology nodes like source, transform, and output nodes.

  • Connect and resolve the topology structure.

  • Test the functionality of the topology through playback.

TopoEdit will be provided both as an executable and as source code (as an SDK sample). Here is a screenshot of the TopoEdit main window:


For  more information:


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