Too Little, Too Lame?

I just ran across an article that talks about OBA Reference Application Packs in a negative light. I found this very interesting. In Ephraim Schwartz’s Reality Check Blog he says that OBAs are Too Little, Too Lame. I would have to respectfully disagree with some of his opinions. Not because I released this OBA but because…


Microsoft Is SOA-Ready for Wall Street

Microsoft is ready to take on the Wall Street service-oriented architecture scene with its latest developer and infrastructure technologies, said a consultant in building IT systems for financial services companies. Michael DeSanti, a partner with Eikos Partners, New York, spoke at the Web Services/SOA on Wall Street conference here and said Microsoft’s .Net Framework 3.0…


Microsoft’s Support of Financial Services Standards

There seems to be a bit of confusion in the financial services community about Microsoft’s commitment to industry standards. As many of you know, on the technology standards side (WS-*) Microsoft is the clear leader in this space. On the industry side Microsoft is devoting time and energy in the industry standards communities. I have been…


Now Online: Building Composite Applications Book

  I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail on when the Composite / OBA Applications Book would be available for download or purchase. We have launched a free version online. It’s about 100 pages total printed. Full Book Financial Services Chapter This book is about composite applications and how they can be developed as OBAs using…


My Gartner EA Presentation

Here is a sneak peak at my presentation on Thursday! Topics Include: Business Challenges in Financial Services Technical Challenges in Financial Services Microsoft’s Integration Strategy Financial Services Integration Strategies Download the Gartner EA 2006- Integration in Financial Services Presentation Gartner EA 2006- Integration in Financial Services 12-06-2006 – Copy.pdf


Microsoft SOA Business Process Conference

I will be attending the Microsoft SOA Business Process Conference from October 3rd – 6th. I will be attending part of the time. We will be talking a lot about BizTalk 2006, WCF, Office Server (MOSS) and ESB techniques in the context of SOA.  My boss will also be presenting one of the keynotes. Sign In


TechEd Webcasts from Boston to London

Watch the best of Tech.Ed  US in high quality video, on-demand, on it’s Showtime! Windows Vista Deploying Windows Vista: Everything You Need in One Hour  – Corey Hynes Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies – Steve Riley Microsoft IT: Deploying Windows Vista – Chad Lewis Windows Vista: Securing Wireless Networks  – Taranjeet Athwal Anti-Malware Technologies in Windows…


Office 2007 the next platform for Business Applications

If you haven’t checked out the new Office 2007, you should! From all perspectives, especially from a architectural perspective there are quite a bit changes.  What I like about Office 2007 is I can now call it a platform.  A platform meaning that I can build or run applications in this environment. With integration end…