Finally Made it to the Top

A teammate and I were chatting about search ranking and I was telling him about how I am battling it out (maybe battling out is a bit of an exaggeration) with other Mike Walker’s in the world especially the one from the National Enquirer.  I am happy to announce I have done it! After many…


Two New Walker’s Join the World

I am excited to announce a new Microsoft employee product, two new Walker’s. On Thursday January 22nd the proud mom and dad (me) delivered two healthy baby boy twins.   As some of you may of noticed, my blogging has dropped significantly over the past two months. My wife (wonder woman) had a really tough…


Updates – Where has Mike been?

Just wanted to give the readers of my blog a quick personal update. Some of you may of noticed that my postings have been a bit sparse these past few months. Thanks to those who have stuck around… Well the first piece of big news is that my lovely wife is pregnant with twins. Yes,…


Free Coffee for Bloggers?

I saw this on MoBuzz TV and I just had to share. The Tampa, Florida based company, Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea, is holding a "beta test" for their Jamaican Me Crazy brand of coffee. They are asking 10,000 bloggers to sign up and try their new coffee, for free, hopefully in exchange for buzz about…


Don’t Mess with the Chief

On my trip to Vegas last week I ran into Master Chief. I guess I said the wrong thing to him because he just snapped. Something about how I could kick his butt on X-Box live, well he had no sense of humor about that… 🙂


How NOT To Use PowerPoint

This is a bit off topic but I thought it was pretty funny. Since I do a my fair share of public speaking I thought I would share some comedic wisdom with you after this long holiday weekend.


Vista SP1 First Impressions

To give you guys a sneak peek at the SP1 build. I just installed Vista SP1 with zero issues. The upgrade process seamless and took approx. an hour. There was only one concern however. My box was waiting for about 20 minutes to shut down. Other than that, all goodness. I have noticed a huge…


Naked Conversations

Nope, this post isn’t about new styles of communication with your co-workers!   This post is kinda of topic but I thought this book was an interesting read. I have had plenty of time to catch-up on my reading from all of the speaking engagements I have been doing over the past few months. So…


Sydney Bourne Ultimatum Premiere

So if you remember from my previous post I mentioned that I met Matt Damon… Well I didn’t want to say anything until I actually had the tickets but I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Sydney Premier! Above are the tickets for the premier. I have to give out a big thank…


I’m in the Outback!

  Well I’ve made it to Australia. I was a little worried when my flight was delayed for four hours. From a non-technology perspective I got to meet Matt Damon who was on the same flight as I. He is here for the premier of the Bourne Ultimatum movie. We chatted for a few minutes and seems like a down to earth…