Calling in the EA Troops

This past week seems to be the week for the call to action for Enterprise Architects to start blogging. James McGovern called out that there should be more EA blogger’s. More blogger’s came into the fold such as Brandon Satrom who would like to see more on how EA’s address some of the latest IT…


Mobile Payments Implemented at Slippery Rock University

And you thought going away to college was the first step to freedom. Au contraire, students (and faculty, no less) entering Pennsylvania’s Slippery Rock University will actually be faced with an RFID tag made for their handset, which will “allow them to pay for everything from laundry and copier services to movies and groceries in…


Pay by Voice

Nick Ogden, the founder of one of the first online payment systems has launched a new way for people to buy goods over the Internet or via their cell phones. The new service, called Voice Pay, uses biometric voice analysis to authenticate users. The company says its technology is so reliable that it will guarantee…


Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 for Windows Vista

Download Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 This new version of the Windows Mobile Device Center contains key improvements and new features to support Windows Mobile 6 devices. The Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 is only supported on Windows Vista. Key updates in Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 include: Windows Mobile 6 feature support Information Rights…


Anyone want a Bearcat Phone?

This would of been a must have if this technology debut when I was around. My hometown college University of Cincinnati (UC) in dabbling around with some really cool mobile technology. UC has adopted Windows Mobile technologies to try to integrate into the students daily lives. To make it easier on students, UC has built a set…


The Future of Mobile

We all expect the cellphone to get smaller while packing in an ever broadening array of functions. The real question is what it’ll look like—inside and out in several years. To find the answer, Microsoft has investigated dozens of on-the-brink technologies, picking the brains of cellphone product engineers, industry analysts and lab researchers. They told…


Vista and Mobile PC Webcasts

Watch Live and Recorded Webcasts Attend this new, public webcast series that provides an in-depth look at applications built for Windows Vista mobility. Special features include: data synchronization, power management, ink annotation, ink recognition, network awareness, data access, enhanced UI for touch, and Windows SideShow gadgets.


Using Windows Mobile with OR-LOS

In my discussions when I discuss the OBA RAP for Loan Origination Systems with folks at conferences and other speaking engagements they usually see a slide that shows the extensibility aspects of the lending architecture.   After the talk I usually hear, mobile, really? Lender can use this technology with field bound loan officers or…


Windows Mobile 6 Stability Issues

In my review of the Windows Mobile 6 technology I mentioned that I was running into stability issues. Well it looks like I didn’t have the latest and greatest build from RTM. I found this out from the WM 6 team here. This is what they had to say: ” …Most of these issues are…


Standardizing the Mobile Payments Platform

As you have probably seen from my recent blog entries there is a lot happening in the mobile space in financial services. But with this activity I have some concerns. There are is a tremendous amount of point solutions out there. There are little or no standards in the banking community for mobile payments. For…