Loan Origination Reference Architecture Version 2

I announced at the Office Developers Conference 2008 the release of the Loan Origination Reference Architecture version 2. Like the previous version, this reference architecture shows architects and developers how to bridge OBA technologies with transactional service oriented systems such as BizTalk. The Loan Origination Reference Architecture shows how to build architectures that unify people,…


Financial Services OBA Component Library

At the Office Developers Conference this week I announced the release of the Financial Services OBA Component Library. The Financial Services OBA Component Library is a comprehensive set of OBA components that span across key areas in the Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets industries. The components are built in a composite way. This enables customers…


Microsoft Lending Reference Architecture V-Lab Released

I am very excited to announce that we have finally released the Virtual Lab for The Microsoft Lending Reference Architecture Version 1. I have heard from you load an clear over the past few months! We now have an Virtual Machine in the "Cloud" ready for you to examine workflows, dive into code or just…


New Version of the Microsoft ESB Guidance Released

Check out the new version of the Microsoft ESB Guidance. The overview page ( will provide you with all the necessary high-level information such as download links, architecture overviews, future plans and requirements. The Microsoft ESB Guidance now extends the functionality of the recently released BizTalk Server 2006 R2. The guidance provides a range of…


BizTalk Comparative Performance Study

I have been asked about BizTalk performance and scalability for the last few weeks while I have been here in AZ and NZ. I found the BizTalk Server 2006 Comparative Adapter Study that was preformed to compare the performance between BizTalk 2004 and 2006. It’s a brief overview of performance of BizTalk 2004 adapters vs. BizTalk…


The Lending Message Bus Gets Along with all Standards

Recently I’ve been asked about if the Lending Message Bus (LMB) supports other standards other than MISMO. The answer is… of course it does. The LMB can support one or more standards. This is due to the modular design of the adapter and accelerator framework within BizTalk Server. So let’s take a step back, what are…


BizTalk vs. WF in the Enterprise

Recently an Enterprise Architect for a large bank in Canada asked me what I thought about using BizTalk for to centralize human workflow. His goal is to centralize this functionality as much as possible. This is a great idea but there are many challenges to this. If you refer to my previous post I describe…


The Microsoft Lending Message Bus

The lending message bus (LMB) provides messaging services for the lending processes. This made sense to since there are many touch points in the process. Both internally and externally there are points that need management and consolidation. The LMB follows Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) practices it can also integrate well with in the enterprise ecosystem….


Announcing the OBA Reference Application Pack for Loan Origination Systems (OR-LOS)

I am happy to announce that the Office Business Applications Reference Application Pack for Loan Origination Systems (OR-LOS)! See the MSDN OR-LOS Page at: On the OR-LOS page on MSDN you will find a set of technical resources to guide the development of a new class of business applications called “Office Business Applications” (OBAs)….


Microsoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Update

I get the ESB question a lot here lately when I talk to financial services organizations. Traditionally we have felt that ESB’s are not products they are how you compose a set of technologies to create a message bus that spans across multiple disparate systems providing message oriented management and routing for an enterprise. Microsoft has…