Infosys’ Enterprise Architecture Survey 2008 – 2009

Last week Sohel Aziz’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) team at Infosys released there annual EA survey from their very large customer base. You can download the comprehensive report of the EA survey from their Enterprise Architecture Services portal. Also if you have a chance check out their EA Blog. There is some really good information there…


Open Group merger with the Global Enterprise Architecture Organization (GEAO)

  There is more big news on the Open Group front these days with the just announced a merger with the Global Enterprise Architecture Organization (GEAO) that will affect the worldwide Enterprise Architecture (EA) professional community. The union between the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects (AOGEA) and the GEAO forms the largest professional body…


Massive P&P Compile of Resources for Architects

As some of you may know I aided with the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 materials which will soon be a blue book this upcoming year. J.D. Meier who was the brains and the mass orchestrator of the guide has put together a great compile of his works over the past few years. Check it out….


Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework (E2AF) Template

Mike Kavis posted a high level cheat sheet for the Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework (E2AF) on his blog today. Here is the description from his post: I Basically took all of the topics from the E2AF matrix and built a document with bullets representing each topic. It is organized by the six key questions (Why,…


10 Misperceptions and challenges of Model Driven Development

Ran across an interesting post from Johan den Haan in which he shares his thoughts on the Top Ten Misperceptions and Challenges of Model Driven Development (MDD).  This post was based on another article on here: Read More: 


Pragmatic Approach to Describing Solution Architectures

I just published a new article on the Microsoft Enterprise Architecture Center entitled, A Pragmatic Approach to Describing Solution Architectures. In this article, we will explore how architectures traditionally have been designed and described. By understanding where we have come from, we then can understand how to improve and change fundamentally how the architectures are…


TOGAF 9 Release and Impressions

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking with Allen Brown, president of the Open Group regarding the latest TOGAF release. Thanks to Allen and his team for taking the time to chat about the new aspects of TOGAF 9. All the details of this release will be available today on the Open Group…