Zachman Updates

In recent letter from Zachman International they have announced two updates the popular Zachman Framework. They are relatively small. Here are the details:

  1. Engagement and Market Strategy will change in 2009. The ZIFA organization has been dissolved. 
  2. There was a minor update to the framework. This brings the framework to version 2.0.


All in all, there are minor impacts on this announcement. The operations angle is a fairly obvious one as the Service Management (i.e., Operations) World is converging with EA disciplines so it makes sense that EA frameworks meet in the middle. I haven't yet seen anything revolutionarily, more like evolutionary. As you can see from the model above there are no radical changes that would greatly impact enterprises already using this framework.

Also to keep constant, this doesn't change my opinion on where Zachman fits into the greater EA Framework and Standards arena. From my post on Making Sense of Architecture Standards, Zachman is still very much at the "Decision Framework" level. See below:

Enterprise Architecture Standards

Letter from John Zachman

Dear Friends of ZIFA,

John ZachmanThank you so much for your many years of support and interest in The Zachman Framework™. I have had the pleasure to meet many of you personally at seminars and conferences, and I appreciate your contributions to my understanding of Enterprise Architecture. By making sure you are registered on my website, you will be assured of continuing contact with me.

I wanted to take an opportunity to make some significant new announcements about Zachman International and what you can expect from me in the future.

As many of you know, ZIFA was an informal collaboration between my company Zachman International and Sam Holcman of Pinnacle Business Group. I provided the theoretical basis and evangelism for Enterprise Architecture and Sam provided the marketing, operations and his planning methodology. Sam has since moved on to a new organization, EACOE, presumably to focus on training and marketing his Enterprise Architecture planning methodology. Sam has recommended, and I have agreed, that we dissolve ZIFA at the end of the current calendar year, 2008. I appreciate Sam's contributions toward advancing the visibility of Enterprise Architecture and I wish him well in his new endeavor.

As CEO of Zachman International, I will continue my Enterprise Architecture talks worldwide, while expanding the "Zachman Certified™" deployment. In order to consolidate the authorized framework materials, schedules, and use of the Zachman™ brand, I have asked my son, John P. Zachman, to bring his decade and a half of marketing experience and become the Vice President of Marketing at Zachman International.

Stan Locke will continue to be Managing Director and President of Zachman Framework Associates, relating the client implementation practice to the classification theory through standards development, elaboration and sample models. David Kingston will become the Vice President of Customer Support Systems responsible for systems operations in Toronto which handles all our business transactions, security and ecommerce facilities. Each of us is available via our web site or toll-free number if you have any questions. We are expecting a significant number of other folks to be joining us over the next year, but the aforementioned people here will be the principal contacts, at least for the present.


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