Microsoft Architecture Journal Issue 17 – Call For Papers


As a new member of the Architecture Journal Board I would like to let everyone that reads my blog that the upcoming Architecture Journal is accepting articles from you. If you haven't seen or heard of the journal it's worth a look. For the most part we get articles from architects outside Microsoft. Check out the Architecture Journal Website for more information (

The next issue of the Architecture Journal will focus on Distributed Computing. We are approaching an inflection point with today’s hardware and technologies where a vision from only a few years ago is becoming reality –from deploying applications on microscopic devices in our environment through to football-sized datacenters offering applications in the cloud. Whether small or large, distribution and concurrency of multiple services can introduce a number of challenges – the focus of this issue is to understand what these challenges are, and how they can be overcome.

If you have opinions that you would like to share with the architect community on distributed computing, here is your chance! Follow the instructions below to send an abstract before the cut-off date and you could see your thoughts and ideas shared with over 60,000 readers, translated in 5 languages, and distributed at multiple conferences around the world!

The cut-off date for abstracts for the next issue is July 28th 2008.  If you are interested in making a submission, here are the details:

Where can I get more information?

Check out this link

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