Funny Videos from ODC 2008

These are really funny and are not necessarily just OBA centric. The first two are really funny!



 Office Developer Conference 2008 SWAG Guy

Video: ODC2008 Swag Guy


ODC2008 Architect Guy is a really funny video describing architects.

Video: ODC2008 Architect Guy

Office Developer Conference 2008 User Experience Humor video

Video: ODC2008 User Experience Person


Office Developer Conference 2008 Developer Humor video

Video: ODC2008 Developer Guy


Office Developer Conference 2008 VBA Macro Humor video

Video: ODC2008 VBA Macro Guy

Comments (2)

  1. They played these videos before keynote presentations at the ODC 2008.  Check them out on Mike ‘s

  2. Erika Ehrli says:

    Thanks to everyone who attended the Office Developer Conference this year! It was great seeing so many

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