Vista SP1 First Impressions

To give you guys a sneak peek at the SP1 build. I just installed Vista SP1 with zero issues. The upgrade process seamless and took approx. an hour. There was only one concern however. My box was waiting for about 20 minutes to shut down. Other than that, all goodness.

I have noticed a huge difference in performance of my machine, it's like someone injected an espresso into my Vista! This is my first day using so I'll be sure to check back in to let you guys and gals know how things are going.

Some of these new features that are under the covers that screen shots will not be able to show you:

  • Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) allows for easier setup of VPN connections due to the way it works with firewalls, NAT devices etc....
  • Bitlocker Drive Encryption has been enhanced to support encrypting additional volumes besides the current limitation on the C: volume.  It will also support three factor authentication (i.e. TPM + Pin + Dongle)
  • Disk Defragmenter has also been improved to give administrators additional control over what and when volumes get defragmented with the scheduler
  • Support for Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) booting on x64 based machines
  • Support for the ExFAT file format used in flash memory
  • Support for SD-Advanced DMA
  • Improved network diagnostics
  • Performance improvements

Screen shots of the install process:





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  1. Well the latest Vista Beta of SP1 was made available its starting to perform much better. In fact don't

  2. bozotheclown says:

    I wonder, you noticed a huge difference in performance on your machine.

    What is your machine and what was it before you installed this sp1 release?

    I mean…. was your Vista installation up to date with all the latest fixes? Or was it a fresh install of Vista without any fixes on which you installed this sp1 release?

    Describing the context in which you noticed differences would be an improvement to the piece you wrote.

    I for one installed this sp1 release on my fully up to date Vista Ultimate x64 and see no noticable difference in performance.

    My configuration is:

    Opteron 185@3Ghz

    4x1GB Kingston HyperX

    DFI LP NF4 Ultra-D

    2xSeagate sata 160GB in NVRaid-0

    2xSeagate sata-2 500GB in NVRaid-0

    POV 8800GTX@675/1622/2160

    NEC 4550 DVD something

  3. bozotheclown says:

    btw. with ie7 I can’t post a comment on your blog and with ffox I can.

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