Don’t Mess with the Chief

On my trip to Vegas last week I ran into Master Chief. I guess I said the wrong thing to him because he just snapped. Something about how I could kick his butt on X-Box live, well he had no sense of humor about that… 🙂


Article: Integration of Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management

Published today is the new MSDN article that I have written for the Application Portfolio Management space.  This primer will walk architects through the synergies between Application Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture. The article is titled Integration of Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management. I hope you enjoy it and provide some of your thoughts…


On the road to Egypt next week

It’s been a slow blogging week due to several big projects that I am launching here in the coming months. I look forward to sharing more detail with you when the time is right. In the interim I will be in the Middle East presenting in the city of Cairo, Egypt. I will be at…


How NOT To Use PowerPoint

This is a bit off topic but I thought it was pretty funny. Since I do a my fair share of public speaking I thought I would share some comedic wisdom with you after this long holiday weekend.


Banking in Second Life

An interesting tidbit on the social networking side, Wells Fargo is ramping up its virtual world efforts with Stagecoach Island. They have launched their own virtual world on the popular Second Life. Though initially coming to life two years ago, it’s been completely revamped and relaunched, with a new attitude. Some of the new features…


Vista SP1 First Impressions

To give you guys a sneak peek at the SP1 build. I just installed Vista SP1 with zero issues. The upgrade process seamless and took approx. an hour. There was only one concern however. My box was waiting for about 20 minutes to shut down. Other than that, all goodness. I have noticed a huge…


Is there too much talk about EA Process?

James McGovern writes an interesting post about how he feels that the Enterprise Architecture blogosphere is talking way too much about EA processes and not enough about the EA practices. He makes some good points about this and I do agree in general. I would personally like to see what are the challenges that the…


EA and Software Factories

James McGovern writes an interesting post worth taking a look at called Enterprise Architecture: Can you build software using the factory model?. In general I agree and I like the quote: "All models are false but some models are useful" – George E. P. Box There are some great software factories out there but I…


Why Enterprise Architecture is a Corporate Responsibility

I ran across a great post by Dave Linthicum called Why Enterprise Architecture is a Corporate Responsibility. He made some very good points and would encourage you to take a look at what he has to say. I would like to expand on some of Dave’s thoughts in the article. As he mentions, building proper…


New Version of the Microsoft ESB Guidance Released

Check out the new version of the Microsoft ESB Guidance. The overview page ( will provide you with all the necessary high-level information such as download links, architecture overviews, future plans and requirements. The Microsoft ESB Guidance now extends the functionality of the recently released BizTalk Server 2006 R2. The guidance provides a range of…