Review: Evaluating Enterprise Architecture Processes

From a recent post from Robert Mcllree he talks about the evaluation of EA. He breaks down the evaluation into a set of factors. When I saw this post it was quite lengthy and looked as it may provide some interesting insights. It did, however I struggled with what the post was meant to address….


My Blog in Chinese

The architecture community in China is a growing one. With nearly 50,000 architects in China and so far. Microsoft created in China has created the Architect Circle where there are over 2,000 architects in that Architect Community. If your looking for my blog in Chinese, check out the Architect Circle. A big thanks to Qing…


Be Cautious about APM Discovery Agents

I was reading a recent article from InformationWeek about APM and it had concerned me a little bit. The article was titled "Performance Anxiety" and meant to address APM product vendors. For whatever reason, Microsoft’s product line was not included. I am still trying to determine the intentions of the article. It was not clear….


Naked Conversations

Nope, this post isn’t about new styles of communication with your co-workers!   This post is kinda of topic but I thought this book was an interesting read. I have had plenty of time to catch-up on my reading from all of the speaking engagements I have been doing over the past few months. So…


EA and Application Portfolio Management

For many enterprise architects there is increasing pressure from CxO’s to cut costs, reduce inefficiencies and to foster agility in systems. Enterprises invest over 70% of their budgets purely on maintaining their existing asset investments. This shows that there is a clear and present broken link between strategic business objectives and “Keeping the Lights On”…