MOSS 2007 Resources and Tools for building OBAs

Great compile of MOSS 2007 Resources and Tools for building OBAs that continues from his previous post.

  • SharePoint Tips Utility Pack - package of SharePoint 2007 utilities for administrators and developers.
  • Floating ToolPane for SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint 2007 RSS Aggregation web part
  • Dan and Teds web part solution package template
  • STP Language converter - SharePoint Site Template Language Converter enables you to convert an
  • Site Template that was created in one language to another language
  • SharePoint Frantic Redirection webpart - Allows you to redirect users to a specific site depending on a specific user profile property.
  • Microsoft IT Delete Capture 1.0 -
  • Chatterbox - persistent chat session for SharePoint Server 2007
  • Generic SharePoint 2007 solution installer - allows you to install and deploy SharePoint solution files using a nice UI.

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  1. OBA (Office Business Applications) are those applications that use Microsoft Office as the front end

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