Glu Mobile uses MOSS UI

I would encourage you try out the site (,  and if you are a gamer, register and get a game to check out the experience. Built the Allin Consulting team. They used MOSS 2007 and ASP.NET 2.0 to build this really slick UI.  

Though public facing MOSS 2007 sites exist (other than, I think that this is truely a pioneering site with both a comprehensive set of web application features and cutting edge user experience.  The look and feel has no resemblance to typical MOSS sites. In early builds we even left in the standard blue “Site Actions” dropdown to prove that this was indeed MOSS 2007!


Features of the solution include:

  • Web content management and delivery of rich media including game animations, game demonstrations and game screen shots. Branded the “Glu Content Manager”, it enables non-technical business users to manage and publish all of the content seen on the site.
  • Multi-language support – single and double byte (Asian) character sets supported. The internal Glu content team is in the process of localizing the site for many other countries and languages and should continue to grow this content over the next few weeks.
  • User registration and profile management – sign up and provide profile information for game purchasing and targeted content
  • Personalized content targeting based on user language, country, carrier, phone and other profile elements
  • Commerce enabled – integration with an external product catalog and custom web parts that provide the ability to sell mobile games directly to an individual’s phone
  • Promotion features to highlight popular games both automatically based on traffic and user profiles or by product marketing
  • Custom web analytics to track usage and buying patterns
  • MOSS Enterprise Search for corporate information and customized search for finding games
  • A set of custom web parts that provide the visualization and layout mechanism for many of the features mentioned above
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