Microsoft Financial Services ISV Banking and Capital Markets Partner Summit

"Let’s Make Business Happen" will be the theme of our Financial Services ISV Partner Summit.  Our goal is to talk about future technology, Microsoft account team integration, discussion of new sales channels and vertical specific initiatives.
The Financial Services Team at Microsoft is hosting this 2 day summit on March 27 – 28, 2007.  For the first time, the Capital Markets team and Banking team will deliver a “concurrent” Partner Summit.  Since some of our presentation topics are more horizontal in nature, part of the 2 days will be spent together and the other part of the time, the Banking ISV’s and Capital Market’s ISV’s will break into separate conference rooms for more specific discussions and presentations. 

General session topics include:

  • Roles, Goals and Programs
  • TowerGroup
  • Worldwide Strategy
  • Unified Collaboration Strategy
  • SQL Futures Strategy
  • Vista/Office - including Aero/WPF and Excel Services
  • Mobility
  • Presentation by Washington Mutual Account Team
  • Microsoft Partner Advantage

Banking sessions:

  • Overall Banking Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Banking Integration Factory Update
  • ERMC (Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance)

Capital Markets sessions:

  • Capital Markets Strategy
  • Marketing
  • STP/Trade Lifecycle Solution
  • Advisor Platform
  • High Performance Computing
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